Outreach Ministries

Five times in the Scriptures, between His resurrection and ascension, Jesus gave what we have come to call "The Great Commission".  These were His final words to His faithful followers.  They are to be The Mission of the Church!  His final words were to command us to actively be involved in spreading the good news of the Gospel to the whole world.  Our two-pronged approach to meet this obligation includes the practice of personal witnessing and soul-winning as well as the practice of supporting missionaries who are taking the Gospel around the world.  Unfortunately, in many churches, the Great Commission has become the great OMISSION.  So few seem to care enough to take the time, make the effort, and give the funds necessary to accomplish this task.  We encourage and provide opportunities for witnessing.  We run buses around our entire area providing a way for people to come to church.  We also currently support eighty-seven missionaries and missionary projects all over the world, for the sole purpose of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire as many people as possible to hear what we have heard, accept the Saviour we have accepted, and live the holy life we are attempting to live.  It is the mission of our church and the goal of our hearts.

(Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; John 20:21; Acts 1:8; II Cor. 5:17-20;

Pro. 11:30)


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