We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church

We are an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church.  "Independent" meaning we are not a part of any denominational structure.  "Fundamental" meaning we still ahere to the original core beliefs of our Founder Jesus Christ.  "Bible-believing" meaning we confine ourselves to the absolute truth of the Holy Bible and make it our final authority in all matters of life.  "Baptist" meaning we identify with that body of doctrine traditionally associated with the Baptist faith taken directly from Scripture.  "Church" meaning we gladly call ourselves by the only name Jesus used for the only organization He began on this earth.


  We strive to have conservative, Christ-honoring sacred music.  Our preaching is the focal point of our public services, designed to strengthen, encourage, and challenge and convict the hearer.  We still believe in modesty and appropriateness in our dress, our entertainment, and our lifestyles.  We strive to create an old-fashioned atmosphere - Church like it used to be and ought to be!


We hope that you will find us to be fundamental AND friendly!  It is our desire to please God, not to be accepted by the current culture.  We are not trying to appeal to the unregenerate man, but rather, the redeemed man. 


 Come get your Soul fed at Gospel Baptist Church!